Projects Overview


The position Parkland Pipeline Contractors Ltd. has adopted on the environment is simple.

       arrow Treat the locations where we work better than our own back yard.
       arrow Leave nothing and take nothing.
       arrow The site should appear as good or better after we complete our job.

When it comes to protecting the environment on both an individual and corporate level, we need to meet the standards and expectations of you, our customer.


Our corporate strength comes from our people, their pride and commitment to HSE.

We walk the talk and strongly believe there is only one way to do business - hard work and honest practices. Parkland's most important assets are our people, and we refuse to place them in harms way.

When you hire Parkland Pipeline Contractors Ltd. you hire a professional team with a proven track record of quality, efficiency, safety and value.

Please contact Parkland Pipeline Contractors Ltd. for any details regarding our current and past projects.