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Parkland Pipeline Contractors Ltd. is an Oil & Gas Service Company. We specialize in small to midbore pipeline (2 inch to 30 inch) as well as the construction and maintenance of pipeline and oilfield facilities.

At Parkland we have a simple philosophy, ensure complete customer satisfaction. We listen to our clients and work with them to ensure that we meet all their expectations.

Our Management team has been providing exceptional customer service for 25 years and throughout our many years of service in the industry we have acknowledged the clients' needs and requirements.

Parkland's services provide the latest technologies and best economics to provide a product that ensures customer satisfaction. In completing our work we use sound construction solutions, which include a watchful eye on safety and environmental issues.

Parkland will provide you with leading edge solutions. A winning combination of personnel, knowledge, equipment, experience, and attitude enables us to meet your expectations.

leading edge solutions

For Parkland, being a good company isn't good enough, being a great company is essential. Service that will meet or exceed your expectations makes PARKLAND PIPELINE CONTRACTORS LTD. an exceptional choice.